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Nagamine & Mishima have been assisting foreign-affiliated firms expand their business operations in Japan by providing expertise in the areas of tax and accounting since 1989. Nagamine & Mishima supports business start-up process of representative office, branch office and subsidiary in Japan, offering payroll and cash management services as well.

With over 90% of clients being foreign-affiliated firms, we have rich experience in reporting directly to headquarters in their respective home countries.


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Head Office


Level 4, Sanno Park Tower 2-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6104 Japan


+81 3 3581 1975

Services Provided

Corporate Finance / Transaction Support


Legal / Company establishment




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Jun Nagamine

Managing Partner

Publications (including co-authored publications)

  • Non-Resident/Non-Permanent Resident Taxation (Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)
  • Guide to Japanese Taxes (Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)
  • More Comprehensive English Accounting (Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)
  • Comprehensive guide to the entertainment expenses (Shin Nihon Hoki)
  • Master guide to the Corporate income tax rulings (Gyosei)
  • A Guide to Preparing Income Tax (Zeimu Kenkyukai)

Public position
Foundation Kanagawa Literature Development - Statutory Auditor
Foundation Hoenryu (Tea Ceremony) - Statutory Auditor

1981 - Graduated with B.A. from the University of Tokyo
Tohmatsu Aoki & Co. (currently Deloitte, Touche & Tomatsu)

1986 - Graduated with M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

1989 - Representative of Nagamine Accounting Office

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Yoshinobu Mase


National license
Social security and Labor attorney

2014 -  Graduated with B.A in veterinary science from Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

2014 - 2016 Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.
Planning and Sales Department

2017 - Kitazawa social security and labor attorney office

2018 – present Nagamine & Mishima accounting office
HR Consulting Group