Indonesia Business and Taxation Guide 2022

22 March 2022

The Indonesian economy continued to recover in 2021. The government is committed to recovering from COVID-19 by providing nine action plans and incentives.The digital economy and finance will also expand quickly. Indonesia offers political stability and a growing understanding of the areas in which improvement is most needed. This publication will allow you to have a better understanding on how to do business in Indonesia.


Update on Moores Rowland in Asia Pacific (MRAP) Working Group Meetings in 2021

09 June 2021

Covid-19 pandemic spread rapidly and we were forced to adapt quickly. Since 2020, Moores Rowland in the Asia Pacific (MRAP) managed all meetings in the form of virtual discussion.


100% reduction of Corporate Income Tax up to 20 years for new investors in the pioneering industry in Indonesia (MOF No. 78/2019)

01 July 2020

Reduction of Corporate income Tax begins to be utilized by taxpayers who make new investments in the pioneering industry since the tax year when they start commercial production and must submit the reports on investment and production realization every 1 (one) year to the Director General of Taxes. Here how our participant in Indonesia can help.


Paradise Lost

16 December 2017

To many people, sun-kissed beaches lapped by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean form a vision of paradise. Yet for the rich and famous they are more than just a playground, as many of these small islands also provide a safe haven for their riches. The area is susceptible to violent storms, however, although the latest threat comes not from the swirling winds of the Atlantic but rather from international indignation following the release of the Paradise Papers.


Marching to a different beat

15 August 2017

It’s ironic that a measure initially meant to track down American tax evaders could ultimately lead to U.S. isolation in the area of international cooperation on tax reporting.


Is Trump's U.S.A. the new tax haven?

17 July 2017

What exactly is a tax haven? As far as we are aware, there is no universally accepted definition. Typically, the term is used to describe a jurisdiction that offers favorable tax or other conditions. It is therefore a relative term.