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Moores Rowland in the
Asia Pacific

True there is much to do, but the introduction of major political and economic reforms across the region augurs well for the future, particularly in the medium term, especially as a new, more vibrant leadership has come to the fore.

That is not to say everything will be plain sailing, of course, but the prospects for a prosperous journey look fair indeed. To help guide you along the way, the Moores Rowland participants across Asia combine global knowledge and best practices with core Asian values to produce seasoned yet individually tailored courses of action to best suit your needs.

The earliest names on the Moores Rowland family tree were Edward Moore and Albert Goodman, both of whom began their independent UK practices in 1866. It was to be over a century, however, before the various UK firms finally coalesced to form Moores & Rowland, which shortly thereafter became Moores Rowland.

With the onset of globalization shredding national boundaries, it was logical for Moores Rowland International to come into being in 1985. This association of independent accountancy firms included many regional firms from the UK still operating under the name, bound together by common values with like-minded firms overseas.

Moores Rowland International continued to strengthen with major US firm Plante Moran joining in 1988, and BKD becoming a part of the international association the following year. Expansion was to continue and on 1 January 2007, Praxity AISBL was born as a new global alliance of independent firms formed in the main from former Moores Rowland International and Mazars firms.

The name of Moores Rowland has not been lost, however.  Far from it, for a number of like-minded independent firms in Asia are still bound by those shared ideals and values, and many still proudly bear the name Moores Rowland.