Paradise Lost

16 December 2017

To many people, sun-kissed beaches lapped by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean form a vision of paradise. Yet for the rich and famous they are more than just a playground, as many of these small islands also provide a safe haven for their riches. The area is susceptible to violent storms, however, although the latest threat comes not from the swirling winds of the Atlantic but rather from international indignation following the release of the Paradise Papers.


Marching to a different beat

15 August 2017

It’s ironic that a measure initially meant to track down American tax evaders could ultimately lead to U.S. isolation in the area of international cooperation on tax reporting.


Is Trump's U.S.A. the new tax haven?

17 July 2017

What exactly is a tax haven? As far as we are aware, there is no universally accepted definition. Typically, the term is used to describe a jurisdiction that offers favorable tax or other conditions. It is therefore a relative term.